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Please check out the amazing results of the DREAM project.

02/16/2012 (12:23 pm)  Filed under:  BITS

You will be thrilled (but not surprised) by the stellar test results!
Dream Project
This article deserves to be featuredĀ on theĀ BLUSD BITS webpage and I will make mention of it in my BLUSD March article as it pertains to the new workshop we are developing to integrate Blues Music Education into the Curriculum.
Janet B

Hey everybody. Rand here, one last time.

02/16/2012 (12:13 pm)  Filed under:  BITS,News

I am so happy to be reporting that BITS marches on! A really good team of BLUSD folk, lead by Janet Blair, are stepping up to divide and conquer all things BITS and stimulate a fresh round of evolution in the program.
A few quickie headlines FYI: Yes, except for blowing some harp for the occasional [...]

Watch for news from BITS

02/11/2012 (4:52 pm)  Filed under:  BITS

BITS (Blues In The Schools) has handed the reins to the new crew and they have some wonderful presentations planned for San Diego schools. Watch for updates soon and visit the BITS facebook page

QR Code for BITS

02/01/2012 (1:56 am)  Filed under:  BITS

Use your smart phone and scan the code to connect with BITS

2011 BITS Summer Camp Incredible Success

08/09/2011 (6:23 pm)  Filed under:  BITS

BLUSD’s 2011 BITS Summer Camp went off in a big way. Music Director Scott Blinn pulled out the stops this year, and enlisted the help of Texas Blues Guitarist Anson Funderburgh.
The camp this year also featured a larger number of really talented kids that our previous camp.
We got a lot of folks attention with [...]

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