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Proud Member Bands of BLUSD

Is your band listed below? If not, just have at least one person in your band become a member of BLUSD, and we will add your band to the list. If you have a website, a direct link to your site will be included.

Effective February 2014, all BLUSD member bands will have the opportunity to play a feature set at BLUSD presents Jammingout the House of Blues on Wednesdays evenings. Backline, mics and PA are provided.  Many of the featured bands have been hired to play their own gigs at the House of Blues.   Band names will be drawn from a hat at board meetings.   The band chosen will also be given a spotlight article in our monthly Blue Ink newsletter.  So make sure your membership is up-to-date…you can check by inquiring at gro.dsulbnull@ofni.  See you there soon!

MARCH 2014:  Chase Walker Band

APRIL 2014:  Charles Burton Band

MAY 2014:  Bi-Polar Express

JUNE 2014:  Chickenbone Slim & the Biscuits

JULY 2014:  Breaking Blues (formerly known as Maxwell Street)

AUGUST 2014:  Leilani Kilgore & Electric Voodoo

SEPTEMBER 2014:  The Little Kings

MARCH 2015:  Clapton Hook

APRIL 2015:  Batiquitos Blues Band

MAY 2015:  Give Me Back My Wig

JULY 2015: BluSoull Music Collectiv

SEPTEMBER 2015: Sweet Beautiful Chaos

OCTOBER 2015: 45 Revolutions

Beginning November 2015, our Member Band Spotlight was switched to Tio Leo’s Lounge on the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 7:30 – 10 p.m.  There is a $5 cover, and all proceeds go to the band.  No guest list allowed.   Promoted by Tio Leo’s Lounge and Wicked Harem Productions.

NOVEMBER 2015:  Blues Skies

DECEMBER 2015: Aqua Fi

JANUARY 2016:  Rhythm & the Method

FEBRUARY 2016: John January & Linda Berry

MARCH 2016:  Charles Burton Band

APRIL 2016: Dave Keefer Band

MAY 2016:  Blue Rush Blues Band

JUNE 2016: Hoodoo Blues Band

AUGUST 2016: The Moneymen

SEPTEMBER 2016: Strange Crew

OCTOBER 2016: Blues Farm

Unfortunately, Tio Leo’s is no longer willing to host our Member Spotlight Bands after October 2016.  We will keep you posted as to when and if another venue becomes available.

Member Bands

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