Blues Day At The Flower Fields

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April 21, 2012
1:00 PMto4:00 PM


  • When Music Saturday, April 21, 1pm to 4 p.m.
  • Where: 5704 Paseo Del Norte, Carlsbad, CA 92008,
  • Age limit: All ages
  • Cost:  Blues Day is Free with paid admission to the Flower Fields park.Admission is $11 Adults, $10 Senior, $6 Children (3-10), Free for Babies.Image of acres of flowers at The Flower Field in Carlsbad, California
    Above: Image of acres of flowers at The Flower Field in Carlsbad, California

Join The Flower Fields for an all Blues Day Event on April 21, 2012. A Blues Pro All Star Jam. Our festival is a blues lovers dream!

About The Flower Fields:
For ten weeks each spring, on coastal farmland in Carlsbad, California, 50-acres of Giant Tecolote Ranunculus flowers bloom and transform the landscape into a solid expanse of vibrant banded color. The Flower Fields® cover a rolling hillside overlooking the Pacific Coast, and is located halfway between Orange County and San Diego.

The Flower Fields, 5704 Paseo Del Norte, Carlsbad: Google Maps

Support Candye Kane! We love you Candye…

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April 30, 2012
7:00 PMto10:00 PM

Tickets now on sale for star-studded Candye Kane benefit

Some of the biggest names in blues and roots music will converge on the Belly Up Tavern on April 3, at 7PM  for Big Love, a benefit for cancer-stricken singer Candye Kane.

Tommy Castro, Janiva Magness, Dave Alvin & the Guilty Ones and the reunited Beat Farmers will perform at the benefit. In addition, Rick Estrin & the Nightcats, Anson Funderburgh, Earl Thomas, Debbie Davies and past and present members of the Candye Kane Band will also perform.

“The only way an event like this come together is because of the respect and love these musicians have for Candye Kane,” said producer Michael Kinsman. “It’s unlikely we will see a lineup of all these stars again anytime soon.”

Kane, 50, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer for the second in late January. She has begun treatment and expects to be unable to perform at times over the next couple of months as she awaits surgery.

Kane has recorded 11 albums under her name and has been nominated for seven Blues Music Awards in recent years. This year, Kane has been nominated as Best Contemporary Female Artist and as the B.B. King Entertainer of the Year, the highest honor bestowed by The Blues Foundation. The BMA award show will be held May 10 in Memphis.

Kane also has been an outspoken activist for women’s rights and human rights issues. She is the co-founder of United By Music, a Dutch-based organization that teaches music performance skills to individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Tickets for the event are available for $30 at the Belly Up Tavern, or through A limited number of VIP/Donor tickets are available for $100 through BLUSD at VIP/Donors will get preferred reserved seating as well as gift bag of blues. Tax-free donations may also be made through BLUSD.

Kane suffered her first bout of pancreatic cancer in April 2008 and was able to battle through it. She also has overcome numerous hardships during her tumultuous life prior to her emergence as a rockabilly and blues singer. She has written and performed a number of sensitive songs about social issues as well as some ribald and bawdy songs.

Her 2000 recording “The Toughest Girl Alive” became her moniker and her 2010 autobiographical musical stage play was titled that.

“This event is payback for all the courageous stands has taken in her life,” Kinsman said. “She clearly has won the hearts of these musicians who were eager to donate their time and talent to her benefit.”

Donate to Candye Kane

$25.00 donation button

$10.00 donation

Candye Kane VIP

Donate to Candye Kane via Sweet Relief Musician Fund

QR Code for BITS

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Use your smart phone and scan the code to connect with BITS

BLUSD Compilation Flash Drive

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BLUSD Member Bands,
We want to provide a unique benefit of membership to Blues Lovers United of San Diego, and to our member bands as well. One of the unique benefits of membership we’ll be offering our members in 2012 is a thumbdrive loaded with local music — two songs from each of our member bands. This is a great way to promote your band to BLUSD members, and a great way for our members to familiarize themselves with the wonderful music San Diego’s own bands are putting out. What a cool promotional tool to put your music in the hands and ears of a ready-made fan base!
Please note that these will not be sold, nor will your songs ever be sold by BLUSD. We simply want to give a thumbdrive to each individual who joins or renews with BLUSD during the year so they can get a flavor of various bands, enhancing your visibility and, possibly, winning over new fans.
Please submit your songs in mp3 format only.
Email only 2 songs to: gro.DSULBnull@radnelacgig (in separate emails to keep the size of your email reasonable, please), or if you’d rather, just email a link to each of the 2 songs you want to submit and we’ll download them from your site.
Please DO: Send recordings of your BLUSD Member Band
Please DO: Send only digital copies of music that you have the right to legally distribute. You’re the music pro – we trust you to know and comply with the rules and guidelines for publishing and sharing digital content.
Please DO: Submit ONLY 2 songs. Not 3 or more, please. If you send more than 2, I won’t know which ones to pick and won’t include any, so please send only the 2 you want included. (Thanks)
Please DO: Get your songs in no later than Feb 10, 2012
Please DO: Tell any other BLUSD ~Member Bands~ about this, and BLUSD members, too.
Please DO: Pick songs that typify the music your band is about.
Please DO: Feel free to direct your questions or concerns to the same email address.
Please DO: Include a 3-sentence bio about your band. No other Bio will be used.
Please DO: Consider becoming a BLUSD Member band for inclusion on this compilation and other benefits if you are receiving this email but are NOT a BLUSD member band. Only member bands will be included in this compilation.
Thank you,
Dane Terry for BLUSD

February Gig Calendar

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February 10, 2012 2:00 AMtoFebruary 29, 2012 2:00 AM

Watch for our new LIVE Gig Calendar where you can search by day, venue, band, location!!!

To navigate to February Gig Calendar page click on “February Gig Calendar” heading above


By DATE and VENUE (see key)

ANTH Eric Bibb
CALY Robin Henkel & Billy Watson 7pm
CELL Missy Andersen 7pm
HUMP Len Rainey & The Midnight Players 7-11pm
PALA Bill Magee Blues Band 12:30pm
PAT2 Michele Lundeen & Blues Streak


PALA Bill Magee Blues Band 12:30pm
PAT2 Missy Andersen
TWEN Ben Powell 6pm


GLSE Whitney Shay
HOBL Burnsville Blues Band 7-11pm
HOLM Blueswailers
HOOL Cadillac Wreckers
JJDT Jaz’s Pro-Invitational Jam featuring Charles Burton 9pm
MARB Missy Andersen
PALA Stoney B Blues Band 4-8:30pm
PAT2 Bill Magee Blues Band

COYO Big Shot Reub And The
Reloaders 6-10pm
EELK Jack City Blues Band 7pm
IVAL Missy Andersen 7:30pm
MARB Michele Lundeen & Blues Streak
PALA Stoney B Blues Band 4-8:30pm
PAT2 Len Rainey & The Midnight Players
SANY Bill Magee Blues Band 8pm
SDHD Hoodoo Blues 12-2pm

PAT2 Myron & The Kyniptionz
COYO Billy Watson 5pm

HUMP Chet & The Committee 7-11pm
PAT2 Missy Andersen (duo)


GLSE Whitney Shay
HUMP Shelle Blue 7-11pm
PAT2 “Open Mic” w-Walter Gentry
PBFM Missy Andersen Pacific Beach Farmers Market 2-6:30pm
WINE Robin Henkel 7pm


ARLB Robin Henkel 8-10pm
PAT2 Bayou Brothers
DACG Ben Powell 6pm


CELL Billy Watson & Robin Henkel 7pm
HOBL Bill Magee Blues Band 7pm
HUMP Ruby & the Red Hots 7-11pm
MARB Missy Andersen 8pm
PAT2 Mystic Element of Soul
USGR Blue Largo

COYO Bill Magee Blues Band 6pm
EELK Rhythm Jacks 7pm
JJDT Jaz’s Pro-Invitational Jam featuring Chet Cannon (8pm)
JPSP Hoodoo Blues
PALA Burnsville Blues Band 4pm
PAT2 Michele Lundeen & Paradise
TIOS Whitney Shay


ALVP Stoney B Blues Band 8-11pm
BELY Alan Iglesias & Crossfire 3-6pm Benefit for Breea
BRCR Robin Henkel 10am
HOOL The Christian Hastings Band
IVAL Blue Largo
JCLJ Michele Lundeen & Blues Streak
KRAK Bill Magee Blues Band
MRPB Big Shot Reub & the Reloaders
PALA Burnsville Blues Band 4pm
PAT2 145th Street Band
STEL Missy Andersen 8pm
USGR Whitney Shay 8pm
ZELD Robin Henkel 8pm


BELY Candye Kane 3-6:30pm
CELL Missy Andersen 7pm
CORF Blue Frog 1-4pm
LJSG Blue Frog 6:30-9:30pm
SKYB Jaz’s Pro-Invitational Jam
featuring Charles Burton 7pm
TRRO Whitney Shay 7pm


HUMP Stoney B Blues Band 7-11pm
PAT2 Missy Andersen (duo)

IVAL Missy Andersen 7pm
MARB Bill Magee Blues Band
OCEA Cool Fever
PAT2 “Open Mic” w-Walter Gentry
WINE Ben Powell 7pm

HUMP Whitney Shay & The Shakedowns 7-11pm
MEDC Nathan James 7pm
PAT2 Michele Lundeen & Blues Streak

GLSE Whitney Shay
HUMP Michele Lundeen & Paradise 7-11pm
MARB Missy Andersen 8pm
PAT2 Bill Magee Blues Band

GLSE Whitney Shay
HUMP Ruby & the Red Hots 7pm
JJDT Jaz’s Pro-Invitational Jam featuring Cadillac Wreckers 9pm
MAIN Gomez Blues Project
MARB Stoney B Blues Band
PAT2 Missy Andersen
WYNP Nathan James 7pm

MIRM Missy Andersen 7pm
PAT2 Myron & The Kyniptionz
TRLM Stoney B Blues Band

PAT2 Stoney B Blues Band
SKYB Jaz’s Pro-Invitational Jam featuring Robin Henkel 7pm
VVCS Missy Andersen 6-10pm

HUMP Chet & The Committee 7-11pm
PAT2 Michele Lundeen & John January

CELL Ben Powell 7pm
HUMP Black Market III 7-11pm
IVAL Jerry “Hot Rod” DeMink Band 7pm
MARB “Mardi Gras” w-Madame LeRoux & Krewe (Michele Lundeen)
PAT2 “Mardi Gras” w-Bayou Brothers
WINE Robin Henkel 7pm

ARLB Robin Henkel 8-10pm
DACG Ben Powell 6pm
MEDC Nathan James 7pm
PAT2 Myron & The Kyniptionz

HUMP Bill Magee Blues Band 7pm
MARB Missy Andersen 8pm
PAT2 145th Street Band

BELY The Tommy Castro Band *BLUSD TABLE GIG*
HOBL Stoney B Blues Band 7-11pm
JJDT Jaz’s Pro-Invitational Jam featuring Cadillac Wreckers 9pm
MIRM Billy Watson 7pm
PALA Missy Andersen 11:30am
PANB Blue Largo
PAT2 Bill Magee Blues Band

HOBL Burnsville Blues Band 5-7pm
HUMP Wyatt Lowe 7-11pm
IVAL Billy Watson 7:30pm
PALA Missy Andersen 11:30am
PAT2 Johnny V Vernazza
RYCG Stoney B Blues Band 6-10pm
ZELD Robin Henkel 8pm

COYO Missy Andersen 5pm
LEST Robin Henkel Band 8pm
LJSG Deborah Blake & Zero Gravity 6:30-9:30pm
SKYB Jaz’s Pro-Invitational Jam featuring Whitney Shay 7pm

PAT2 145th Street (duo)
HUMP Nathan James 7-11pm

BELY Los Lonely Boys
PAT2 “Open Mic” w-Walter Gentry
WINE Ben Powell 7pm

BELY Boz Skaggs
CALY Blue Largo
CELL Whitney Shay 7:30pm
HUMP 145th Street 7-11pm
PAT2 Missy Andersen

Venue Key

ALVP American Legion, Post 365 Vista – 760.415.1619
ANTH Anthology San Diego 619.595.0300
ARLB ArtLab Studios No. Park 619.283.1151
BELY Belly Up – Solana Beach 858.481.8140
BRCR Birdrock Coffee Roasters 858.551.1707
CALY Calypso Cafe Encinitas 760.632.8252
CELL The Cellar San Clemente 949.492.3663
CORF Coronado Ferry Landing Coronado 619.234.4111
COYO Coyote Bar & Grill Carlsbad 760.729.4695
DACG Davina’s Cabo Grill Oceanside 760.637.2450
EELK Elks Lodge #2243 Encinitas 760.753.2243
GLSE Gaslamp Speakeasy Gaslamp 619.239.9994
HOBL House of Blues San Diego Gaslamp – 619.299.2583
HOLM Hooleys – La Mesa 619.713.6900
HOOL Hooley’s Pub and Grill EL Cajon 619.670.7468
HUMP Humphrey’s Backstage Shelter Island 619.224.3577
IVALIva Lee’s New Orleans Style Restaurant – San Clemente 949.361.2855
JCLJ Jose’s Courtroom La Jolla 858.454.7655
JJDT Jolt N Joe’s Gaslamp 619.230.1968
JPSP JP’s Pub Tierrasanta 858.576.2509
KRAK The Kraken Cardiff 760.436.6483
LEST Lestat’s Coffee House Normal Heights 619.282.0437
LJSG Lacey J’s Roadhouse 619.448.8550
MAIN The Main Tap Tavern El Cajon 619.749.6333
MARB The Marble Room Gaslamp 619.702.5595
MEDC Mediterranean Cafe Carlsbad – Carlsbad 760.729.6871
MIRM Mira Monte Winery Temecula 909.506.5500
MRPB Mr. Peabody’’s Encinitas 760.753.7192
OCEA Ocean House Carlsbad 760.729.4131
PALA Pala Casino – Pala 760.741.8423
PANB The Pannikin & Book Works – Del Mar 619.281.6727
PARK Parkway Bar La Mesa 619.463.8757
PAT2 Patrick’s Gaslamp Pub Gaslamp 619.233.3077
RYCG Rhythm City Grill 760.736.9202 San Marcos
SANY Santa Ysabel Casino Santa Ysabel 760.787.0909
SDHD San Diego Harley Davidson Kearny Mesa 858.616.6999
SKYB The Sky Box -Clairemont Mesa 858.274.7269
PBFM Pacific Beach Farmers Mrt
STEL Stellar Cellar – Temecula 951.676.2722
TIOS Tio Leo’s – Bay Park 619.542.1462
TRLM The Regal La Mesa 619.469.1633
TRRO The Ruby Room 619.299.7372
TWEN Twenty/20 at the Sheraton Carlsbad 760.827.2500
USGR U.S. Grant Hotel Gaslamp San Diego 619.232.3121
VVCS Valley View Casino Valley Center 866.843.9946
WINE Wine Steals Cardiff-by-the-Sea 760.230.2657
WYNP Wynola Pizza Express 760.765.1004
ZELD Zel’s Del Mar 858.755.0076