Greetings from your BLUSD Board

The annual meeting and voting for Board members happens each January. We appreciate and thank our founders and past Board members and directors for their hard work and dedication over the years. Past BLUSD Presidents Michael Kinsman and Rand De Mattei continue to provide guidance as Advisors.

The 2017 Board consists of:

  • Janine Harty, President
  • Kevin Smith, Treasurer
  • Michele Lundeen, Secretary
  • Janet Blair, BITS Coordinator
  • Richard Farrell
  • Danny Perez
  • Ric Lee

Exciting challenges await us!

Immediate goals include increased membership, improved member benefits and streamlined operations. Feedback from members is always welcome. You can reach me at gro.dsulbnull@tnediserp

Janine Harty
President, BLUSD

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