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BLUSD Member Bands,
We want to provide a unique benefit of membership to Blues Lovers United of San Diego, and to our member bands as well. One of the unique benefits of membership we’ll be offering our members in 2012 is a thumbdrive loaded with local music — two songs from each of our member bands. This is a great way to promote your band to BLUSD members, and a great way for our members to familiarize themselves with the wonderful music San Diego’s own bands are putting out. What a cool promotional tool to put your music in the hands and ears of a ready-made fan base!
Please note that these will not be sold, nor will your songs ever be sold by BLUSD. We simply want to give a thumbdrive to each individual who joins or renews with BLUSD during the year so they can get a flavor of various bands, enhancing your visibility and, possibly, winning over new fans.
Please submit your songs in mp3 format only.
Email only 2 songs to: gro.DSULBnull@radnelacgig (in separate emails to keep the size of your email reasonable, please), or if you’d rather, just email a link to each of the 2 songs you want to submit and we’ll download them from your site.
Please DO: Send recordings of your BLUSD Member Band
Please DO: Send only digital copies of music that you have the right to legally distribute. You’re the music pro – we trust you to know and comply with the rules and guidelines for publishing and sharing digital content.
Please DO: Submit ONLY 2 songs. Not 3 or more, please. If you send more than 2, I won’t know which ones to pick and won’t include any, so please send only the 2 you want included. (Thanks)
Please DO: Get your songs in no later than Feb 10, 2012
Please DO: Tell any other BLUSD ~Member Bands~ about this, and BLUSD members, too.
Please DO: Pick songs that typify the music your band is about.
Please DO: Feel free to direct your questions or concerns to the same email address.
Please DO: Include a 3-sentence bio about your band. No other Bio will be used.
Please DO: Consider becoming a BLUSD Member band for inclusion on this compilation and other benefits if you are receiving this email but are NOT a BLUSD member band. Only member bands will be included in this compilation.
Thank you,
Dane Terry for BLUSD

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